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Free Play Coaching 

Free Play Coaching is committed to empowering folx to be their own most resilient resource. Our time together is supportive, empowering, and confidential. I invite you to show up as the multi-faceted human you are, right here & now.

In coaching sessions, we'll design a playful space to get curious about:

  • dreaming about

  • struggling with

  • longing for

  • feeling stuck on

  • celebrating

  • needing a fresh perspective on

  • wanting more of in your life


We’ll explore expanding your mindset and building capacity around life's “f*ck YEAH!” and “oh F*CK!” moments.

As your Coach, I’m honored to champion and challenge you, all while you build your wildest dreams.

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Coaching is an investment in yourself, your toolbox, and your quality of life. Our time is a safe space to process, play, embody, improvise, discover, affirm, find refuge, be still, surrender, swing big, catharsis, cheer, be free, and surprise yourself. Possibilities are endless when we honor ourselves, our journeys, and our resilience!

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