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A little bit about 'em

Jessi (they/he, interchangeably ) is a trans nonbinary Resilience Coach, performer, producer and neuroqueer joy advocate based in Portland, OR. 


They delight in all things human, whimsical, provocative, vulnerable, queer, intuitive, collaborative, natural, absurd, outrageous, grotesque, silly and spoooOOOoooky. Jessi enjoys counting their blessings (twice), honoring their divine intuition, and practicing living a slow, succulent life with their fabulous spouse, PJ. Together, they spend their days laughing and gettin' silly, all while doting deeply on their three black kitties, AKA, The Black Cat Collective (BCC).


A trained Professional Coach from the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), Jessi created Free Play Coaching, where resilience is celebrated and joy is centered. 


As a creative chameleon, they're no stranger to the stage, a film set, photo studio, corporate office, rehearsal room, recording booth, emceeing an evening, producing a killer event, or getting lost in a treasure hunt.


Regardless of the industry, Jessi's gifts of curiosity, empathy, a sharp creative eye, powerful intuition, improv skills, and love of community are always at play. 

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