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A little bit about 'em

Jessi (they/she/he) is a nonbinary Actor, Model, VO Artist, Host, Producer, and Coach based in Portland, OR. and San Diego, CA.


They delight in all things whimsical, provocative, vulnerable, thrilling, queer, gentle, glamorous, grotesque, outrageous, silly, spooky, intuitive and collaborative. She is one heck of a curious human and prone to forging joy-fueled paths!

As a creative chameleon, Jessi's no stranger to a stage, film set, photo studio, corporate office, rehearsal room, their recording booth, or at the helm of producing a killer event. 

They recently expanded their skillset to include Personal Coaching after falling head over heels for the Co-Active Training Institute. Jessi is thrilled for this next chapter towards becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and helping folks be their own best and most resilient resources. 

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