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Bell, Book & Candle 

"While all five cast members give strong performances, the show really belongs to the three witches. Jessi Walters is brilliant as sly, seductive Gillian, her transition to heartbroken human stunning (yes, those are real tears!), and she wields those huge eyes and fabulous legs like a forties femme fatale."

-Tina Arth, Westside Theatre Reviews

Dickens Writes a Christmas Carol

"Playing multiple roles each, the entire ensemble shines... Jessi Walters wickedly steals every scene her sublimely schizo Mrs. Cratchit is in."

- Brett Campbell, Oregon ArtsWatch


"However, it is Jessi Walters’ gentle, timid Anne who thrusts themes of domestic abuse and debauchery – hardly topics for polite society – center stage in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall."

-Tina Arth, Westside Theatre Reviews

The Drowning Girls

"In what must be some of the most exhausting bravura performances delivered on Oregon stages this season, the actors who play Alice Burnham (Autumn Buck), Margaret Lofty (Jessica Geffen) and especially Bessie Mundy (Jessi Walters),  brilliantly bring these forgotten, long-dead women to vibrant life... they’re reason enough to see the show."


- Brett Campbell, Oregon ArtsWatch

Moby Dick, Rehearsed

"The bulk of the story falls on possibly one of the toughest roles in the show, Ishmael (Jessi Walters), who has the lion’s share of narrating/storytelling of the play... Luckily this role is in a pro’s hands."

- Dennis Sparks, Dennis Sparks Reviews

The Best of Everything

"That same sense of empathy comes through in his direction of B&B’s actors, who flesh out their characters with slight (and sometimes not so slight) theatrical exaggerations, facial and physical — exactly the “slightly heightened” approach playwright Kramer wanted — exemplified here by Walters’s Mary Agnes, who’s as sincerely funny as her pot-hazed Launce in B&B’s recent Six Gentlepersons of Verona."

- Brett Campbell & Maria Choban, Oregon ArtsWatch

6 Gentlepersons of Verona

"And Walters is amazing as the comic stoner, Launce. Being spaced-out most of the time, gives an added dimension to the already amusing role. I embraced her as soon as she set foot on the stage and I never wavered in my enthusiasm for watching and listening to her. She had me at, 'Dude...' And, what is more amazing, is she plays the beautiful Silvia, as well. That’s acting, folks."

- Dennis Sparks, Dennis Sparks Reviews


"Walters is every father’s nightmare – greedy, vicious, and completely heartless. She uses her powerful voice and stark facial expressions to convey the unfathomable evil of her character."

- Tina Arth & Darrell Baker, Westside Theatre Reviews

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