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Free Play Coaching


Jessi Walters

Resilience Coach & Founder 

As a trained Professional Coach from the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), I'm thrilled to bring my passion for play and human connection to Free Play Coaching

It's an honor to empower folx to be their own best and most resilient resource - when life rains and shines. 

As a trans nonbinary Coach, serving my LGBTQIA2S+ community and our allies is a top priority.


However, I LOVE PEOPLE! My lens for life, shared wisdom, faiths, experiences, and variety knows no bounds. Regardless of identity or industry, don’t hesitate to connect about coaching – my door and mind are always open.

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Expect the unexpected

This coaching is an investment in yourself, your toolbox, and your quality of life. Our time is a safe space for you to process, play, embody, improvise, discover, affirm, pause, surrender, swing big, and surprise yourself. 

This coaching is not therapy, nor am I a consultant providing strategic solutions. We will prioritize being in the present moment, where you'll be championed and challenged around your most valued topics. We'll design the roadmap together, but you'll be firmly behind the wheel of your coaching journey. 


Bring the car snacks & buckle up for the trip of a lifetime. This navigator calls shotgun!

Why Jessi as your Coach?

This is a safe, judgement-free zone for you to be you. As a certified crunchy human (hi!), I can hear and hold space for my fellow fiercely courageous clients. I honor the wisdom and lived experience that got you to this place - right here, right now.  

These areas of life that actively contribute to my resilience, and may resonate with you:

•   Thriving with a neurodivergent brain
•    Diagnosis & medication
•    Substance abuse & recovery 
•    Behavioral therapy & support groups

•    Radical vulnerability 
•    Self regulation & personal care
•    Rest as resistance

•    Queerness & gender identities 
•    Coming out & transitioning
•    Divinity, faith & queerness
•    Prioritizing safety, pride & pleasure 
•    Living as an artist
•    Entrepreneurship, career & life changes 
•    Prioritizing creativity & self-expression 

•    Mindfulness & gratitude 
•    Self-love & compassion
•    Service of others 
•    Chosen family & community 

•    Boundaries with bio family
•    Loss of a parent or loved ones
•    Breaking generational cycles


Still curious?

Book a complimentary chemistry call below. 

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